2020 Athletic Director Candidates Thread

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Re: 2020 Athletic Director Candidates Thread

Postby eepstein0 on Tue Jun 09, 2020 8:11 pm

hansen wrote:
eepstein0 wrote:
HJS wrote:Buckley is attributing beliefs of BC fans based upon anonymous posts in the comment sections of his articles??? '

Could it be left by Starter jacket-wearing ND fans? From UConn fans? Could it be Maryanne Fox? Could it be Mike Tranghese? Could it be from oxygen-tank-draggers who are still bitter over DBS and an inability to see the Eagles play SHU at Brendan Byrne Arena (given Buckley graduated Umass in the 70s, my money is here)?

I quite honestly do not know if BC can win the ACC. But, since we have made it to the finals in BB and FB this century (around the same time as the Cs "recently" won their last championship), I think that any failure is due to BC and not the ACC. Further, the idea of holding to some old Big East conference revival is insane at a time where most of that group are together in the ACC (VT, Pitt, Miami, Syracuse and ND). Rutgers (B10) and WVU (B12) are the only original non-terminated members playing elsewhere. Saying that BC shouldn't be in the ACC is the same as saying we shouldn't bother having FB (see Yukon and Umess).

Aside from the top (Clemson in football and Duke/UNC/UVA/Lville in basketball), the rest of the conference is a mediocre mess most years. It's not a real high bar to climb to the top of the mediocrity.

Clemson is only one bad football coach from falling back by the wayside. Beyond them, no other team is really that far above BC right now in football. A better coach and a lot of these recent 7 win seasons would have been 8,9,10 win seasons. I think Hafley would have really shocked some people with results this year had covid-19 not set him back. But with only 5 very light spring practices, I think this year will be a struggle. I'm still going to hope for 8 wins but Hafley has a lot of things going against him this year.

The EO coaching staff could win 10 games at Clemson
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Re: 2020 Athletic Director Candidates Thread

Postby 2001Eagle on Tue Jun 09, 2020 9:49 pm

eepstein0 wrote:
HJS wrote:
MF73-Eleazar wrote:
eepstein0 wrote:
MF73-Eleazar wrote:any idea how much a stand alone practice facility for MBB and WBB would cost? it wouldn't have to be as large as the FB practice facility, is my guess. smaller footprint, etc.

I heard north of $50 million which seemed/seems crazy to me.

jfc. doubt that they can find 100 alums/donors who'd hand over 500k+ each. i can see why it's a dead issue. fuuuuuck.

This is why I suggest the arena idea. You get something for your money other than a practice facility (why should the practice court be superior to that which the game is played?).

Something like that will take time, thoughtful design and years of fundraising. They talked about the football Indoor Practice Facility forever and Bates was fundraising for it his entire time on campus. That didn’t fit Marty’s timeline. The result was some weird half-assed dream chasing where he went from (a) hockey arena on Brighton and a Conte remodel to (b) a new BB arena and practice facility (in between Alumni and the New Plex) to (c) a BB practice facility between Conte and Higgins (all in the course of a few months).

My point here is that just because Marty failed to raise $50mm+ immediately for a building slush fund with no concrete plans, doesn’t mean that any doors have been closed. Let Kraft settle in. If he thinks there is value in a new arena/BB facility, I have confidence that he’ll be able to raise the funds if done thoughtful and deliberately.

One final note... the lack of a facility was never the focus until after Jimmy Mac got his mistaken extension and immediately failed (and Marty realized he couldn’t fire him). Up until that point Jarmond talked about other priorities and mentioned more BB training space as an aside. I always viewed the BB facility to be a BS excuse peddled as to why JC sucks and why he’s the best we can do right now.

When you're the only P5 team in America without a basketball practice facility it's not an excuse. It's closer to a failing on the institution.

Correct. And even Maryland got it done.
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Re: 2020 Athletic Director Candidates Thread

Postby MilitantEagle on Fri Oct 23, 2020 7:48 pm

Where is Pat Kraft?
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Re: 2020 Athletic Director Candidates Thread

Postby Eaglekeeper on Sat Oct 24, 2020 12:00 pm


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