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Kudos from the Globe

Postby DuchesneEast on Mon Sep 07, 2009 8:59 am

:kudos :kudos :kudos :kudos :kudos :kudos

I am happy someone in the media has as much faith as a Polyanna like me, esp a general disbeliever like Blaudshaun. Eventhough he knocks the ACC, I'll take it.

BC as Contenders? Maybe.
Link|Comments (0) Posted by Mark Blaudschun, Globe Staff September 7, 2009 08:08 AM
Can Boston College contend for its third straight Atlantic Coast Conference Atlantic Division title this season? Of course not, you say. The media picked the Eagles to finish LAST not first in its division. No experience at QB, a young, injury and illness depleted defense and a first year coach in Frank Spaziani who is stlll learning where all the switches are as a head coach.
But then the Eagles open with a 54-0 win over Northeastern, which shouldn't be overplayed because Northeastern looked like a FCS team which lost 10 games last season. But 54-0 is 54-0 and that should be appreciated.
And then there is this: the ACC looked horrible in its first week--Richmond beat Duke, William & Mary stunned Viriginia in FCS vs. FBS challenge matches and NC State (South Carolina) ,Virginia Tech (Alabama) Maryland (California) and Wake Forest (Baylor) all drop their openers and you start to wonder.
The point is this: BC has the right ingredients to continue its bowl run for another season. Spaziani knows what he is doing and he knows how to do it. The O line is solid, the RBs are solid, the WR are solid, the defense just needs experience and the QBs can manage, if not win, games on their own.
And the ACC looks like it has for the last few years,--a basketball conference that has some fun in the fall before concentrating on hoops and winning and contending for national championships.
It is a winnable league, with no monsters, although Ga. Tech, North Carolina and, we think Miami are lurking. The Eagles proved they were close to the best the last two seasons. They might not be as bad as some people think this season. In fact, they might be pretty good.
Spaziani is quick to point out that one game and one win does not a season make.
Just as Tom O'Brien at N.C. State, Ralph Friedgen at Maryland, Frank Beamer at Va. Tech and Jim Grobe at Wake Forest should point out that one game and one loss does not a season break.
It is early and the rule of thumb is that good teams make their biggest improvements between Game 1 and Game 2 as they adjust to the pace of a season (barring major injuries, of course).
Let's see what happens.
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