Maryland may actually be leaving the ACC

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Re: Maryland may actually be leaving the ACC

Postby BCSUPERFAN22 on Sun Jun 23, 2019 1:42 pm

If Im the Big East, I put the squeeze on Yukon in making them join, they have all the leverage. Have them sign some kind of absurd buyout agreement otherwise youre just stetting yourself up to be left at the altar again.

From Yukons perspective, I would almost ask that the BE mandate that they drop FB to 1AA as a condition of joining. At least that way, CT can pass the blame elsewhere (not out decision to drop) and finally get out of the disaster that the FB program has become. I think deep down they know that they cant survive as IND and dropping to 1AA is probably more attractive than joining CUSA or the MAC (at least they can play regional rivals like URI/Nova/Ivy's which are similar talent level). At this point, the only reason to keep FB and continue to lose millions each year is the hope of a P5 invite, which is exactly what the BE must guard against if they're going to throw them this lifeline.
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Re: Maryland may actually be leaving the ACC

Postby MilitantEagle on Sun Jun 23, 2019 2:04 pm

claver2010 wrote:
My sense is there are folks in the AAC who view this as a chance to upgrade from UConn.
12:52 PM · Jun 22, 2019

I would think FIU (enrollment 53,000) would be a top target.
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Re: Maryland may actually be leaving the ACC

Postby tallsy on Sun Jun 23, 2019 6:50 pm

While I see no real clear path forward until maybe something breaking loose in 2025. IMO, UConn is in slightly better shape than UMass and NMSU. Better basketball means there will be some cache to playing them. Sure, they will get pasted once or twice a season by an SEC school in a buy game and 4 or 5 no names. But the schedule will probably wind up more intriguing to fans and with the bowl games going up again will have a shot for a post-season. No chance in a conference where everyone except Tulane has a stronger commitment to football.

As far as AAC, I look at Army first, but they'll say no. Then I try UAB despite their recent issues. Actual fanbase in a real market and competitive at basketball. The FI/AU inflate their size with online attendance. And the Miami market is much more fair weather.
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Re: Maryland may actually be leaving the ACC

Postby Bryn Mawr Eagle on Wed Jun 26, 2019 3:01 pm

As a Villanova basketball season ticket holder, I have no objection to UConn returning to the Big East. I'd much rather see them play over Creighton, Butler or Xavier any day.
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