Conference Championship Day Open Thread

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Conference Championship Day Open Thread

Postby PhillyandBCEagles on Sat Mar 22, 2014 6:33 pm

Lowell just went up 2-0 on UNH, 3:30 left in the first. Earlier North Dakota crushed Western Michigan in the NCHC consolation game, giving them a shot to slip into the tournament. They need Wisconsin and Lowell to win tonight in order to get a bid.

Rooting guide for BC fans unless I'm missing something:

ECAC - Colgate, if they win BC is guaranteed the #2 spot in the PWR

Hockey East - Lowell, ditto

NCHC - Denver, either would be an autobid but Miami is hosting the Cincy regional meaning we can't be in their bracket

B1G - Ohio State, more autobids = good

The WCHA game could affect the 2/3 matchup in our bracket (Minnesota State) but shouldn't have a major impact on us, the Atlantic Hockey game won't affect us at all.

And getting the #2 spot instead of #3 in PWR is important, for one it means a much better chance of getting an autobid opponent in the first round, for another someone (Salzano?) posted on BCI that there is a small chance Union could get sent to Worcester if they're #2, as they are slightly closer to there than Bridgeport. My bet is we're going to Worcester and Union is going to Bridgeport either way since it's only about a 20-mile difference for them while Worcester is considerably closer for us, but you never know.
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