The Jerry York Coaching Tree

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The Jerry York Coaching Tree

Postby talon on Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:44 am

Seeing a relatively important game last night without Jerry York, and knowing that Parker (who is just a few months older than York) is retiring, makes me wonder how much longer Jerry York will be behind the bench at BC. Parker's retirement has more to do with him recruiting rapists and sexual deviants than old age, but York did have a scare with cancer a few years back and now his retina won't stay on. Can he stay healthy for another 5-10 years?

While at BC, he really hasn't had to worry about hiring coaches. While it's nice to have consistency in assistant coaches, York's coaching tree doesn't exactly have a ton of branches. Cavanaugh and Logue have been at BC with York forever. The other slot has been Paluch, then Rolston, then Brown. Am I missing anyone else? Are any of York's assistants from Clarkson or Bowling Green still coaching anywhere?

Is it time for Cavanaugh or Brown to get HC jobs elsewhere to give Jerry some time to start grooming some more coaches? I don't want to judge Cavanaugh or Brown on last night's game and exclude them from the possibility that they will be next in line, but what if they're not?
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