Game 10 - Notre Dame

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Re: Game 10 - Notre Dame

Postby MilitantEagle on Mon Dec 09, 2019 4:15 pm

eepstein0 wrote:
MilitantEagle wrote:
eepstein0 wrote:
Tom Dooder wrote:
eepstein0 wrote:
claver2010 wrote:coached by another man next year's team has some decent talent

G: Tabbs (SO), Heath (SO), Langford (FR), MAL (SR)
F: Rishwain (SO), Felder (SO), Hamilton (JR), Steff (SR)
C: Pop (RS?), Vander Baan (FR)

Those Langford kids aren’t sticking around and you’ll get a bunch of transfers under a new coach.

JC is feeling the heat based on some of the media puff pieces his agent has thrown out

Keep Spinelli and the Langford’s stick around. No way the older transfers to sit another year and they want to play together.

When they fire JC I’m sure he can get a waiver.

People on this board way over rate the talent on this team.

I think the roster will certainly be respectable, but the challenge is rebuilding a roster after we blow it up again. It's taken us 7 years to get to a point where the roster doesn't look atrocious. With another mass exodus, I don't know that we'll find replacements all that quickly.

I'm wondering if it's worth removing a couple of assistants instead of JC and having a big budget to hire a couple of top assistants. JC is bad, but a rebuild is painful.

This same roster lost to a team who lost by double digits to Merrimack at home. This entire thing needs to be blown up and restarted with a real coach

But we were talking about next year's roster which will have the Langfords and Tabbs. Also, better coaching might have the team playing better and not losing to Merrimack transitively.
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Re: Game 10 - Notre Dame

Postby MF73-Eleazar on Mon Dec 09, 2019 5:01 pm

need to bring in more guys who are 6'9" or taller.
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Re: Game 10 - Notre Dame

Postby Logitano on Tue Dec 10, 2019 8:18 am

MF73-Eleazar wrote:need to bring in more guys who are 6'9" or taller.

You are saying make a trade with the Knicks? :ace
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