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Re: Minnesota Game Thread

Postby innocentbystander on Thu Nov 29, 2018 9:06 pm

Dick Rosenthal wrote:
innocentbystander wrote:
2001Eagle wrote:I still don’t see how they win more than 16 total games given the remaining schedule.

I can. After Minnesota, anything is possible.

5-1 so far. Say that they "split" with Texas A&M and DePaul (win one, lose the other) and run the table with the rest OOC. Okay so that is 11-2 to start ACC play. They go 9-9 in conference play, and roll into the ACC tourney at 20-11. They win the first two rounds before Duke/UNC/UVa butchers them and they limp into their March Madness bracket with a 22-12 record as a #12 or #13 seed.

DePaul is an awful team and an awful school that hasn't sniffed a whiff of success since they ran Joey Meyer out of town 20 years ago and were cursed by the ghost of Ray Meyer. We should beat them even without bringing our A or B game. As for A&M, if we play like we did against Loyola or Minnesota, we will win.

I think a similar argument can be made for PC. They are playing a lot of youth and have not been overly impressive to date

BC has a legitimate shot of going 11-2 in OOC play. Wouldn't that be wonderful?
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