Sustaining Leads

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Sustaining Leads

Postby BCEaglesFan on Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:10 pm

With all the defensive issues BC fans are focusing on, does anyone notice that this team has had trouble sustaining leads?

In the FIU game, they had a 18 point lead erased.
In the Baylor game, they had a 5 point lead go to waste.
In the Dayton game, they had an early 5 point lead wasted due to poor rebounding.
Finally, in the Charleston game, they had an early 7 point point lead go away despite 3 chances to add to it.

I figure at the end of halves (when they give up leads), especially in the Dayton and Charleston games, it was because they had trouble scoring and their defense let the lead slip away.

I think experience plays a bit into it to; the 2010-2011 team was actually quite good at not letting leads slip away. They've could've easily given up leads in the TAMU, UMass, PC, Indiana, VT, and UMD games but didn't.
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