OT:TT"s Leach Bans Twitter

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OT:TT"s Leach Bans Twitter

Postby 1981Eagle on Tue Sep 29, 2009 12:03 pm

Texas Tech invites the public to a gallery of team frustration (Updated: Tech pulls plug on Twitter in response)

Texas Tech boss Mike Leach has never been much for customs, conventions or arbitrary constraints of any kind, an independent streak that's tended to work in his favor as long as the Raiders' profile has continued to climb. With increased success, though, comes increased expectations, and after Saturday night's last-second loss at Houston dropped its record to 2-2, Tech's chances of equalling last year's breakthrough, 11-win record are essentially nil -- the first time in Leach's nearly decade-long tenure that the team has demonstrably regressed from one season to the next, and the kind of trend that can threaten to turn an eccentric savant into an irresponsible flake.

That post has been deleted, but Williams' frustrated reaction to the Houston loss -- "WTF I can't believe what happened man my senior season isn't goin anything like what I busted my azz for .... New week now F$&@" -- remains for now, along with similar sentiments from offensive lineman Brandon Carter:

"This is not how I saw our season," [Carter] wrote on Twitter early Sunday morning. "I just cried like am (sic) idiot. I want us to be so good my last year and I feel like I’m letting everyone down."

Carter also used the feed to break the news that he'd been suspended for next week's game against New Mexico and stripped of his captaincy, which the school later acknowledged, after that post, too, had been deleted once it fueled a round of wire stories Sunday night. One of these days, players are going to realize Facebook and Twitter are public statements akin to sitting in front of a microphone or issuing a press release, and then we won't know anything.
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