Wild Year So Far

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Wild Year So Far

Postby 1981Eagle on Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:30 am

For all those that subscribe to the transitive property, the inconsistency and parity of this years CF teams is making this an interesting year.

Cases in Point:

BSU beats Oregon handily then Oregon Throttles a Cal team who has throttled everyone they have played.

Stanford loses to Wake but beats a Washington team coming off a win over USC

Miami throttles GT only to be throttled by VT

BYU beats OK then gets throttled by FSU who loses to USF and barely beats Jacksonville St.

Miss St. should have beat LSU.

I have excliuded the upsets of PSU, UNC, Mississippi, OK St. as I feel these teams were overatted to begin with.
The pre season rankings are such BS.
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