has anyone seen or heard from sweet dee since the game?

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Re: has anyone seen or heard from sweet dee since the game?

Postby BCdee on Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:47 am

We are both alive...still tired from the weekend. The game sucked and the rain sucked. We left at halftime, but the hubby went back in until the first lightening delay with his Clem buddies...my girlfriends and I went to Esso to watch the second half. No one cheered in our section - the band didn't make the trip - it was dead quiet. :duchE
It killed me that we couldn't punt the damn ball and angle it to the sidelines - or out of bounds...and don't get me started on the o-line. Complete and utter disaster. Disgustiad. Defense was pretty good though. We better step it up on Saturday.
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