Remember Rocky Balboa's First Job?

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Remember Rocky Balboa's First Job?

Postby BCEagle74 on Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:08 am

He was a bonebreaker working for Gazzo collecting gambler debts.

People insured through large employers would not see major changes, but some of their health care benefits would be nicked to help pay for the cost of the plan. The Baucus proposal would limit to $2,000 a year the amount people can contribute to flexible spending accounts, which are used to cover copayments and deductibles not paid by their employers. That provision would raise $16.5 billion over 10 years.

Everyone covered through an employer would learn the full costs of their health benefits, which starting next year would be reported on employees' W-2 tax forms. Although family coverage averages about $13,000 a year most workers don't know how much their employer is paying.

Not carrying insurance could result in a steep fine, as much as S3,800 per family, or $950 for an individual. People who can't afford their premiums would be exempted from the fine.

The plan proposes a $6 billion annual fee on health insurance providers, which would recoup some of the profits the companies expect to make from millions of new taxpayer-subsidized customers.

Democratic leaders are aiming for votes in the full House and Senate this fall.

How the fuck are gonna collect 4 large from deadbeats and losers.

The cost will triple.

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