Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

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Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

Postby shockdoct on Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:50 pm

This is the direct HTML from the entire thread on the old nexus. I tried my best to take all the contributions of each poster from all 8 pages and combine it into 1 single document. The link is below, but I have also embedded it into this thread.

:kudos to 15Radnor for maintaining this on the old nexus.

http://www.eagleoutsider.com/nexus/nexu ... onary.html

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Re: Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

Postby shockdoct on Thu Sep 10, 2009 10:04 pm

TRE's Narrative of the Origins of Eagle Outsider

1. eaglechevy (God Rest His Soul) starts a thread titled "the fate of the board is in your hands" asking for someone to try to take over for him. he admits its been fun and all, but its time to move out of never-never land (but still visit on occasion).

2. many respond who ELSE should take over, but no one steps up and volunteers. i think about it, but power scares me and i decide its better for me and my personalities to stay out of it

3. a new sheriff appears and says that he's just a temp in place until a full time guy can be hired. he calls himself bceaglesports

4. he is an ass and plays the role of the heel better than anyone other than pedro could ever dream

5. he bans all the hales, he bans campy, he even bans dickwashbowl. how the hell are we supposed to keep clean. many leave or "beaconstreet leave" under duress

6. thanksgiving passes and the christmas slowdown begins. people fight about student attendance, having to play a 6-6 vandy, and who orally violated whom in previous lives

7. 12-16-2008 - a new leader emerges. he calls himself NewEaglesPub. he apologizes for the previous temp moron and lays out a new groundwork of content, board satisfaction, and the recognition that some want to talk football and some just want to talk. he tries to please them in the early going - answers their requests, sets some things back to "the way they were before," and plays the game better than richard hatch in getting people to buy into his brand

8. HomoJS makes his first accusation that the emperor has on old clothes and those are the clothes of a uva grad. the cries of "shut up, hjs" and "go suck another underage dick" echo through the halls. all/most are happy.

9. the moon reaches the critical spot in its lunar cycle and nep reaches for his manpons. with it, he grabs a bi-polar attitude that he unleashes on those he brought to the table. the rabble get angry and say "hey, what just happened"

10. nep ignores the inabilities of dominique davis ' quarterbacking skills and censors the use of the word cesspool. he also censors the tla for thee other site and other lame/non-dirty things. at the same time a poster can still say dick, cock, penis and wang (all later proved to be nep favorites - nttawwt)

11. 5 days pass and the cycle completes. the woodland creatures return to order

12. bc get their asses handed to them by vandy. it is a low point for bc football. cries for cesspool's head emerge. no one understands because they do no know who ******** is. many uninformed blame *** *******

13. the new year approaches. HomoJS ex boyfriend and atl's ex boyfriend get into a fight that is picked up by the local and then national media. the board members choose sides - either gene is right or jags is right, there is no middle ground.

14. only one cooler head recognizes they both are wrong. his opinions are ignored so this unrecognized genius goes back to his lady polls and scantily clad women pictures. he finds one with a fat/goateed tdw and some bikini girls. he feels okay again

15. the gene/jags war ends in a the firing of a head coach, a list of questions about the assistant coaches and recruits, and a board full of people feeling that the world is laughing at them and their alma mater

16. the staff provide no commentary or inside word. they stay neutral and let us hash it out. it's the first sign of objectivity in a while. the staff push spaz and many disagree.

17. :spaz is named head coach. the rabble rouse and express concern

18. :tranq is named offensive coordinator. many find this offensive. old guy jokes become prevalent as many try to deny just how bad all this is. bartles and james wine cooler ads skyrocket in google popularity

19. winter passes as talks turn to basketball. al skinner's team over achieves in the regular season only to succumb to an athletic usc team in rd 1 of the ncaas.

20. orenthal james freaks out and spams the bball board. he is banned and the masses are pleased. ding dong the b!tch is dead, indeed. soon after, hustlin owl, historylesson and bnchy are also banned

21. a rallying cry is raised to stop the bannings. it is inferred that bannings are the work of the devil and should be ceased. revenend mike announces that he has man-love for history lesson. they sweat to the youngies together and make a cute couple (from what i've been told)

22. another moon cycle arrives and nep acts like the cotton pony rider when b0mberman asks about "the EC club" that appears as a bc forum under the names of certain posters. he asks why he, as a subscriber, is not granted access to this forum

23. questions arise and deletions run rampant as the rabble try to figure out - what the hell is the ec club. references to zman, merrymen and super secret message boards about message boards resurface.

24. hjs and bigpete ask how so many of us can continue to stay so blind to the reality of the new publisher's identity. hjs goes as far as to state bceaglesports was the "bad guy" to nep's "good guy" but they were, in fact, the same person. the irony of previous accusations of "sybil" to your humble narrator does not go unnoticed

25. in the middle of all this, a major announcement about herzy - it's bad. it catches us all off guard. we forget about ec clubs and old men hanging brains in its steam room to focus on #94. it rallies us. bruce springsteen sings "we shall overcome" and many of us pray that mark will

26. news trickles in about mark and it all sounds great. the family seeks for quiet and for control of information - everyone agrees and corresponds. everyone looks for the next update from the family and hopes/prays for the best

27. time marches on and attentions turn elsewhere. dominique davis turns his attentions to video games and fails out of school. he's gone. references to cesspool are again allowed.

28. more moon cycles, more arguments, louder cries of "z-man" emit from pete and hjs.

29. wang tells the story of having the butt sex with a german - "chapter 7" is born. people start to refuse wang's handshakes in fear of catching something. i go to the doctor to get tested - you can never be to sure when dealing with people that have kissed your weener (even transitively).

30. the doldrums of summer. not much going on in the forums. 81eagle starts to try to pepper the board with interesting facts and "best-of" lists. they grow old in a hurry. 81eagie arrives with a fresh look on the mundane and causes the original to freak out and spam under different names and personalities. it is lame

31. nep takes over and doesn't "ban" 81eagle. however, he places him on read only status. this means that he cannot post but he can read. a hair is split and nep supports that no one is banned

32. bcstevenhale still reflects a status of "banned"

33. more moon cycles - football season approaches. the inevitable realization is made that this team does not have a quarterback as the four tapped players play on - refusing to dazzle. speculation as to how good are they really goes unanswered. teddy announces that he is wearing justin tuggle's varsity jacket

34. a thread is born on the premium board of eagleinsider. i cannot give you too many details because if you don't pay - you're not entitled to the information. a similar thread was on the free board. it discussed the merits of the qb's and whether one would emerge as the leader or whether we had a stable full of "adequate but not great"

35. consensus is reached that the qb situation is not great. certain member blame jags lack of recruiting. other members blams tob's lack of recruiting.

36. the argument grows more heated as additional "facts" are displayed from each side. the central focus gets a little fuzzy and a "jags" v "tobias" debate ensues.

37. a member of the "jags > tobias" camp has a post supporting the premise that the team was where it is because of tobias lack of recruiting efforts is typed. it contains some other derogatory statements, but the premise is the problem.

38. the offending post is deleted.

39. premium members ask why the post was deleted. no answers are given. the thread is locked.

40. the offending party travels to the ac club of eagleinsider (former known as the open board but with a recent slant towards kissing other guys' weeners (transitively) as of recent) and expresses similar concerns and conclusions. this thread is also deleted.

41. the offending poster asks why this was deleted in the "open" forum - where these sorts of conversations were once prevalent and thought to be "legal" under current management

42. the offending poster is placed on "read only." this is important because it allows management to claim that no posters have been banned whereas the offending party cannot post his thoughts or retorts to the matter.

43. a grass roots campaign starts on the open board asking about the banning. management continues to assert that there have been no bannings. additional hairs are split.

44. the offending party takes to the chat room. offensive discussions are held. latin lifetime originals star aguilafan shows that he a believer in the new regieme and tries to get the offending party to calm down and play nice. this does not go over well

45. b0mberman, a suspected bend-a-dick arnold type, tries to play nice in the chat room. his traderous ways are called out by the offending party. tensions mount but proof to the lack of bend-a-dickabilities are displayed. b0mber is no longer thought to be a bend-a-dick arnold .

46. the offending party continues to rant and rabble rouse until such point as having himself forcable removed from the website.

47. bigpete, the offending party, is banned. this is not a semantically supported banning - he is truly banned.

48. anarchy ensues.

49. a certain poster in the know (i'll give you a hint, he kissed my weener [transitively] while we were in college) posts a link to a south carolina radio program. this link explains the TRUE IDENTITY of neweaglespub. the link is deemed offensive by management. it is deleted.

50. (49) repeats itself several times

51. people start to find the thread before it is deleted. the truth is out there. 5 subscriptions are cancelled. more threaten to cancel. i wonder what the big deal is - if a person is willing to attach their name to a product in one public forum, why is it bad to post it in another. neither place is more private that the other. a ridiculous double standard is created (this is my opinion)

52. an argument discussing (51) rages on through the wee hours of the morning. i miss it because i find ways to entertain myself with flesh and blood people rather than a keyboard connected to other computers

53. time passes and cooler heads prevail. bigpete is offered an olive branch to cancel the banning if he apologizes and behaves nicer.

54. pete accepts said olive branch but reverses it with a kick to the solar plexus

55. angrychicken follows the lead of his one time "boy" bcnathanhale and creates a new site on yuku. he names it "eagle outsiders"

56. he tells tre and others to check it out

57. tre is lame and cannot get there from work, so he asks if there is another site that might work

58. tre looks for places that his lame IT people will let him access. he finds the ghetto that is proboards. he starts a board based on tdw's suggested name "eagle outsider"

59. tre invites the executive branch of the Make The Board Suck Clique (angrychicken aka wang, tdw, guy that transitively kissed my weener in 1994; b0mberman aka b0mber, bummer, tranny, bend-a-dick arnold; and campion aka campy, whalepants, eleventy,000,000,000 other aliases, angry white man) as well as those that asked to be in the ac club in a thread in the before time (not knowing they were actually auditioning for something)

60. aliass's founders stare at each other and wonder what to do next

61. so they tell a friend...

62. and they tell a friend...

63. the eagleoutsider.proboard site manages to accumulate 55 members in a week's time. it becomes obvious that a more permanent solution should be identified. something the users can feel good about - an uncensored wasteland of folks that agree just as often as they disagree.

64. shockdoct (aka teh shocker) steps up to the M-I-C and offers to create something in phpbb that has the features that we are looking for as well as the ownership that we can believe in

65. teh shockers works hard to get things coded and created. wang, b0mber and talon offer technical assistance. tre offers distractions and difficulties (his specialty)

66. the test site is born. it is refined. more warriors arrive to help and suggest further. things REALLY start to come together

67. OPEN FOR BIDNESS - blog boy advertises the site in a blog post dedicated specifically to us. he properly warns of the stupidity that will engage herein.

68. tada - a new home is born, bc skunks northeastern, several fight participants claim to have gone to the fighting grounds (yet no one sees each other), and true banter is restored. it smells like home... i am happy.

69. we see where it goes from here... sky's the limit

the rest is the history that will write itself... changes pending as necessary
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Re: Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

Postby EagleNYC on Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:01 pm

New entry for the dictionary:
Enjoy!: "Fuck you," when used as sign off on a post.
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Re: Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

Postby cvilleagle on Fri Oct 29, 2010 2:12 pm

Loyalty: This is the single most important quality in a head football coach, far more important than competence. It's the coaching equivalent of handsomeness. Possession of this quality entitles one to at least three seasons of program destruction, free from any criticism or threat of losing the job. If a program headed by a loyal coach struggles, it's obviously because the previous coach left the cupboard bare and not at all because the current coach is spectacularly incompetent. See: Spaziani, Francisco.
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Re: Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

Postby 2001Eagle on Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:01 pm

Shouldn't Josh Haden's name in the "BC Guy" dictionary entry be changed to red font?
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Re: Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

Postby 2001Eagle on Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:59 pm

TobaccoRoadEagle {l Wrote}:
2001Eagle {l Wrote}:Shouldn't Josh Haden's name in the "BC Guy" dictionary entry be changed to red font?

depends... does he still have the tat?

Yes, only in modified form. Picture the following in traditional slanty BC font.

Big Cock
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Re: Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

Postby Max Quad on Tue May 17, 2011 2:50 pm

They hate us because we're free.
Truer words have never been spoken.
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Re: Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

Postby 2001Eagle on Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:23 pm

Please add "1.3.12" to the dictionary with definition "The day the music died."

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Re: Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

Postby Endless Mike on Wed Feb 01, 2012 3:37 pm

We need a new entry for rocketcarring, and a related entry for FedEx package.
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Re: Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

Postby 15Radnor on Wed May 30, 2012 10:04 pm

Hello everybody!
94, thanks for the motivation!
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Re: Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

Postby HustlinOwl on Thu May 31, 2012 4:56 pm

Shaven, not furred.
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Re: Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

Postby Ker26Gage24 on Wed Feb 04, 2015 3:17 am

Hi everyone!
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Re: Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

Postby StratEagle on Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:29 am

we should update this now that BC sports are fun again
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Re: Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

Postby eagle9903 on Mon Oct 05, 2015 3:13 pm

Nothing noteworthy has happened in years.
corporal funishment
maybe hansen
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Re: Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

Postby TobaccoRoadEagle on Mon Oct 05, 2015 3:25 pm

i think we should go back to calling b0mber "bend-a-dick arnold"
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Re: Eagle Outsider Dictionary and History

Postby b0mberMan on Mon Oct 05, 2015 3:27 pm

TobaccoRoadEagle {l Wrote}:i think we should go back to calling b0mber "bend-a-dick arnold"

As an homage to my time in the Puppetry of the Penis touring company. Yes.
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