Footage of only Rose Bowl outside Pasadena

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Footage of only Rose Bowl outside Pasadena

Postby OCs_Inner_Eagle on Wed Nov 18, 2009 10:31 am

Look past the fact that it's Duke. Found this thread on the Tar Pit with color game film of the 1941 UNC-Duke football game. By winning this game, Duke secured a spot in the Rose Bowl. The footage was taken from the Duke Sports Film collection. FWIW, among the 8 sample clips is footage of the 1979 UNC-Duke game where Dean stalled away the entire first half.

In digging around the collection, I saw this footage of the 1942 Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl had been canceled because of Pearl Harbor. However, knowing that they would be non-entities in football for 70+ years, the Devils stepped up and hosted the Rose Bowl themselves. They lost 20-16 to Oregon State, but it was the only time the Rose Bowl was played outside of Pasadena.
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