Other games thread 10/17/2020

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Re: Other games thread 10/17/2020

Postby HJS on Sat Nov 07, 2020 11:53 pm

Dick Rosenthal wrote:
twballgame9 wrote:
HJS wrote:
ATLeagle wrote:
claver2010 wrote:clemson might set the conference record for largest spread when they play cuse next week

book is a homeless man's alex smith


is Kelly getting any heat based on Jurk doing well for us and Book looking like a back up Flag Football Qb?

I can't imagine it is much. The just extended him in September.
https://www.espn.com/college-football/s ... tract-2024

I doubt he sees 2024. But, I'm confident he sees 2022. Regardless of what you think of Jurk vs Book. ND is still in the Top 10 and fighting for a Playoff bid.

BTW... not sure if I agree with Meatbaum retweeting this. https://twitter.com/ADavidHaleJoint/sta ... 3581312005

Regardless of whether he should have retweeted it, the relative insecurity of the Domers is always a good laugh. "4-0 or 3-2?" made me laugh.

It's funny, the collection of BC-hating, bloodthirsty shut-ins at ND Nation have been doing a weekly Jurk watch and pointing out the many ways in which Jurk outperforms Book. They are particularly exercised about the fact that Jurk has shown the ability to throw the long beer accurately and well, while Book has been reduced to dumping off to his TEs or short throws into the slot.

I think at this point there is no question that Jurk has tons more upside then Book, Book is also throwing behind an O-Line that has five guys who will play on Sunday. The only real debate I have heard is whether Book is better for right now--as Notre Dame's strength is predicated on their defense and running game and it is thus better to have a highly experienced game manager who may not make many plays but will generally not make mistakes either. That is countered by the argument that as good as the defense is, it isn't going to prevent Clemson from scoring 30 points and it would be better to have a big armed QB to spread the field to give you at least a remote chance. This side of the argument points out that DeShone Kizer, who had a big arm but was a liability regarding turnovers, was a failed 2 pt conversion from taking a Clemson national championship team into OT in Death Valley with an ND team that wasn't nearly as good as the one that Book piloted during the playoff blow out or even the one Book has this year--which will likely get drubbed at home.

Any update on the ND “Jurk Watch” based on the past two weeks? Asking for a friend (Logitano)
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Re: Other games thread 10/17/2020

Postby Dick Rosenthal on Sun Nov 08, 2020 10:21 am

Jurk watch was very enthusiastic about him last week vis a vis Book’s meh performance against GA Tech. I imagine ND winning against Clemson on the strength of their OL and Defense will mute it somewhat, but my guess is that they will still correctly ask whether given Jurk’s obvious physical advantages whether Jurk might not have achieved a similar result, without the QB bed shittings against Duke, Louisville and FSU. You see, most people who understand the game evaluate QBs taking into consideration the talent they have around them, but don’t let that get in the way of your Grosel-loving, Jurk-hating agenda.
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Re: Other games thread 10/17/2020

Postby twballgame9 on Sun Nov 08, 2020 10:28 am

I am looking forward to the infinite number of Josh Ott and David Gordon highlights on ESPN now that BC is decent and ND is in the title hunt for realsies.
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