Official Gameday Thread - BC vs. Pitt - 10/10/2020

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Re: Official Gameday Thread - BC vs. Pitt - 10/10/2020

Postby hansen on Sun Oct 11, 2020 4:31 pm

DomingoOrtiz wrote:
twballgame9 wrote:
MaxxPower325 wrote:
Tom Dooder wrote:Front seven played well at the end.

Applebaum needs to be shot into the sun.

Maitre looked like a potential high ankle sprain.

Teddy will be psyched for the Maitre injury: opens the door for more Tate Haynes, right????

Cant wait to see how much Maitre sucks once he is out a couple of games

I'm looking forward to Sebastian not being the only legitimate D-1 talent in the secondary. Try multiple freshman replacing him.

JH said he was the MVP of the D yesterday.

I think his near block of that missed Pitt XP where he came off the edge fast was an underrated moment of the game. I think his pressure contributed to the Pitt kicker shanking the shit out of that kick.

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Re: Official Gameday Thread - BC vs. Pitt - 10/10/2020

Postby claver2010 on Sun Oct 11, 2020 5:55 pm

hansen wrote:

he's good in these.

his philosophy is during games is not time to light up kids for drops, PIs, etc that they grind them during the week but during game want them playing loose

more questions on OL (this one from former heights now tos writer andy backstrom) said there were missed assignments and have to coach them better
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Re: Official Gameday Thread - BC vs. Pitt - 10/10/2020

Postby twballgame9 on Sun Oct 11, 2020 7:25 pm

Maitre wasn't the worst BC DB on the field yesterday, perhaps, but he's been here a while. Large sample size.
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