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Re: 2021 Recruiting Thread

Postby HJS on Thu Jun 25, 2020 11:15 am

NJM89 wrote:
HJS wrote:
buconvict wrote:Edit: Sorry to waste everyone's time posting about Kendall. I shared the above before seeing that HJS had rendered his verdict about whether or not Kendall is good enough to start at any of the programs chasing him. Since HJS has declared that he is not, and that his BC recruitment is but a mere vanity play to not lose legacies to other schools with the potential benefit of interior line depth in years 4 and 5, I realize now that any updates, commentary, or general attention paid to his recruitment is pointless. Apologies again for the intrusion.

I had no idea what you were referring to so I went back and reread my post. I did write that he wouldn’t start no matter where he ended up. That wasn’t what I meant... what I meant (and was remiss in writing) is that I don’t think he would start as a true freshman. It was part of the “generational talent“ comment.

Sorry about missing out on Pitcher, but at least he’ll be playing for another Michigan Man.

Enjoy, another 9-4 season whenever they are allowed to start playing football again. First TOB, now Harbaugh... BUC sure is a glutton for mediocrity.

Pitcher just got ranked in the top100 for basketball and top player in MA

Speaks to a shocking lack of quality players in that sport. Watch his highlights. He moves very well for someone who is 275 lbs. But, he lacks explosiveness and speed for a high major BB player. Reminds me of a poor man's Brian Ross.
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Re: 2021 Recruiting Thread

Postby claver2010 on Wed Jul 01, 2020 8:22 am

https://www.nj.com/sports/2020/06/what- ... rsuit.html

top 4 for #2 player in NJ:

His top six is really more of a top four, with Michigan, Penn State, Boston College and Pitt as the primary contenders. But Rooks hasn’t shut the door on the Scarlet Knights.

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