BC players in the NFL

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Re: BC players in the NFL

Postby BostonCollege1 on Sat Mar 27, 2021 8:50 pm

DomingoOrtiz wrote:
claver2010 wrote:long ran a 4.63 40, would've been 2nd fastest TE time last year

Isaiah McDuffie (4.59 | 4.61)
Hunter Long (4.63 | 4.69)
Mehdi El Attrach (4.55)
Ben Glines (4.61)
Cliff Kurker (4.66)
Nolan Borgersen (4.72)
Elijah Robinson (4.79)
Max Richardson (4.82 | 4.88)
Chris Garrison (4.85)
Max Roberts (4.87 | 4.87)
Dwayne Scott (5.23)
John Phillips (5.35)

From the little BC posted, it looks like Max Roberts had great measurements in a lot of different categories, like shuttle times, broad jump, etc.
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