ND's Defense and Recruiting

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ND's Defense and Recruiting

Postby eaglesmith on Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:36 pm


Some choice quotes:

"He's right," Smith said. "We're a lot better than what we showed Saturday and before."

At the least, the numbers suggest that's debatable as Notre Dame prepares to slow Boston College on Saturday with the nation's 104th-ranked overall defense, 117th-ranked pass defense and 71st-ranked scoring defense. The 501 yards USC gained was the high mark and low point so far, the fourth time in six games an opponent has amassed 400-plus yards.

Which is quickly followed by:

How far Notre Dame is from boasting an elite defense is uncertain.

Um...really, really far?

Of the regulars in Notre Dame's two-deep, 12 were four- or five-star recruits, according to Rivals.com. Yet even with what has been labeled an improving front four, 55 teams have more than Notre Dame's 12 sacks, and 86 do better than Notre Dame's average of 4.31 yards allowed per rush.

The defensive line issues might not be so inexplicable. Notre Dame has missed on high-profile line recruits recently and starts two three-star players on the line. By comparison, USC rolls out four- and five-star recruits exclusively on its defensive line.
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