Response to a Domer's Questions

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Response to a Domer's Questions

Postby Bryn Mawr Eagle on Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:26 pm


One of my colleagues at work is a typical subway ND fan. We recently started arguing about this week's game and I made the point that ND fans were arrogant. He then emailed me a series of lame questions in an effort to attack BC. My responses to his questions (in blue) appear below. While some of you may think this kind of banter is pointless and teh ghey, I offer it for others' enjoyment.

We BC fans have gotten used to these typical questions over the past few years. Let's take them in order:

1. How many football national championships has BC won? (Other than Flutie), how many Heisman Trophy winners have gone to BC?

In typical subway domer fan fashion, you fall back on ancient history. Since the "modern era" of college football began, both ND and BC each have just one Heisman Trophy winner. Flutie for BC in 1984 and Tim Brown for ND in 1987 (or so?). Since then, Brady Quinn was your best hope. How has his NFL career gone, anyway?

You also have only one National Championship in that era, in 1988, back when the award was based solely on human polls - and we all know ND need do little more than put on its pads to get in the top 25, actually winning a few games vaults them into the top 5 faster than Charlie Weis can eat a sandwich. More importantly, ever since the BCS came along, with its imperfect, yet noble attempt to actually put the two best teams on the field for a national championship game, ND has as many National Championships as does BC. So, what do we have to look at to help compare the two teams? Well, we could just look at head-to--head competition over the past 10 years or so. But we all know no self-respecting Domer fan would ever do anything as silly as that, given the pastings BC has put on the Domers over the past few years. So, let's look at each team's respective bowl performance since 2000 then, shall we? Here is ND's:

January 1, 2001 Fiesta Bowl L Oregon State 9 41
January 1, 2003 Gator Bowl L North Carolina State 6 28
December 28, 2004 Insight Bowl L Oregon State 21 38
January 2, 2006 Fiesta Bowl L Ohio State 20 34
January 3, 2007 Sugar Bowl L LSU 14 41
December 24, 2008 Hawaiʻi Bowl W Hawaiʻi 49 21

Aside from that great win against a dirty WAC team, not too impressive.

Now, let's look at BC's over the same period of time:

Dec. 31, 2008 Music City Bowl-Vanderbilt 16, Boston College 14 L

Dec. 28, 2007 Champs Sports Bowl-Boston College 24, Michigan State 21 W

Dec. 30, 2006 Meineke Bowl-Boston College 25, Navy 24 W

Dec. 28, 2005 MPC Computers Bowl-Boston College 27, Boise State 21 W

Dec. 30, 2004 Continental Tire Bowl-Boston College 37, North Carolina 24 W

Dec. 31, 2003 San Francisco Bowl-Boston College 35, Colorado State 21 W

Dec. 26, 2002 Motor City Bowl-Boston College 51, Toledo 25 W

Dec. 28, 2001 Music City Bowl-Boston College 20, Georgia 16 W

Dec. 25, 2000 Aloha Bowl-Boston College 31, Arizona State 17 W

Hmmm, in the past 10 years BC has bowl wins over the likes of Georgia (SEC), Arizona State (Pac 10) and Michigan State (Big Ten). ND has beaten . . .Hawaii. 'Nuff said.

2. Why is BC never on TV other than when BC plays ND--is it because BC has no fans other than their narrow group of alum?

Funny you should ask - the folks at NBC have been asking themselves a very similar question - "What the hell were we thinking handing over millions for the exclusive right to televise a barely-better-than .500 team over the past few years?" Meanwhile, highlights of Flutie's "Hail Mary" touchdown pass in a game against Miami on November 23, 1984 (dubbed "Hail Flutie"), which is considered among the greatest moments in college football and American sports history (along with David Gordon's kick to seal BC's 1993 victory over ND), gets more airtime than any of ND's accomplishments from the past 20 years.

3. Will [real name of Bryn Mawr Eagle] look good in blue and gold next week (as a result of our bet) after ND beats BC?

A silly hypo. This is like a child asking how Santa Claus gets down the chimney or how the Tooth Fairy comes in the house - it is pure fantasy. But, like children on Christmas eve, I guess domer fans need something to believe in. The problem is, this guy is your Santa Claus:

Ho, Ho, Ho!

I like BC's chances.
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