Some of the Wuffies get it . . .

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Some of the Wuffies get it . . .

Postby TampaDoubleEagle on Thu Oct 15, 2009 11:42 pm

From a post on Pack Pride:

TEAM: We just beat Pitt in a great come from behind victory!!!!!!!!. We gave 110%, we are excited and motivated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOB: Team, you are not very good team.

TEAM: Ok, we suck.....

TOB: Go beat Wake!

TEAM: We tried and gave it a good shot....

TOB: See, I told you that you sucked. Now, go beat Duke.

TEAM: We tried, we gave it a good effort, but now we believe that what you told us COACH, we suck, what is it exactly do you want us to do?

TOB: Make plays you punk *** little bitches, you will make my plays, or all you incompetent players will all get dishonorable discharges! Don't question my authority

TEAM: We will try, sir, yes sir, again how much do we get paid for this crap?.
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